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Read the press release Interest group against malpractice in Timeshare, issued by PR Presswire.


Time Share Foundation is a service desk for you as a Time Share owner. But the Time Share Foundation is useful even for people who do not own any Time Share right. You can, for instance, hire or buy holiday weeks directly with Time Share owners affiliated with us.

As a contributor of the Time Share Foundation you will enjoy a number of appealing advantages including the free rental/buy-schedule for your Time Share weeks. Click here for more contributor benefits.

If you have any questions or any possible complaints, we are more than happy to help.

What does Time Sharing mean?

The principle of Time Sharing is extremely simple: Basically, it means that a resort offers its apartments in a part-time formula. In a part-time formula apartments are offered per week, i.e. the client buys the right to use the apartment in the resort for one or more weeks per year.

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